The Pickels Company

The Pickels Company

In maart hadden de leerlingen van het 4de en 5de voor het vak Engels een speciaal team te gast. The Pickels Company, die helemaal vanuit Engeland en Amerika kwam, gaven ons Hot Spud en Smiland in de Magdalenazaal. Maar wat is dat nu eigenlijk, de Pickels Company? De acteurs wilden ons er met veel plezier meer uitleg over geven. Wij stellen u voor: Lauren (Engeland), Erik (Canada) en Brielle (V.S.), aka Team Dream.

Wat is the Pickles Company exactly?

Erik: The Pickles Company is a performing arts company that goes to a bunch of school and theatres and the main goal is to perform different shows for people in school that are learning English so they can enjoy a great show and learn English at the same time.

How many people are there in total?

Brielle: 12 actors and 6 tour managers. They will take us from location to location, help us with French or Dutch and drive us around.

How many shows have you done?

Lauren: That’s a good question, we need to keep count, I feel like you guys (Erik and Brielle) have done, France and Belgium combined, over a hundred?

Erik: Rather than giving you an exact number, I can give you an idea of a number, because we work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and we can do like 3 shows on one day, so in one week we can do 15 shows, and we have been doing this since October. On average we do 2 shows on one day, 3 is really our max.

Have you only been in Belgium since October?

Erik: No, this group, we were meanly in France mainly for the last couple of months, and before that my group went to Luxembourg and Belgium and France, so we go all over all the time.

What is the most fun about doing those shows?

Brielle: The most fun for me is when we get to interact with the students and you can tell that they are sometimes embarrassed, but when the audience is laughing and talking to us, that’s my favourite part.

Lauren: Yeah, I think that and getting to work with you two ( pointing to Brielle and Erik) and exploring this really silly play and getting to discover things with the students and also just like travel and learn things and just be a sponge and soak up a lot of information, that’s a lot of fun.

Erik: For me, what’s really rewarding is sometimes you go to these really small towns where they have no way to go to theatre or be a part of theatre. And for me, maybe also for you two, theatre was a big thing when growing up and really important to me because I had nothing else to do and it was the only thing I really enjoyed doing. At our first day of work we had an awesome young man, after the show he started crying because he had such a great time on stage and he had never done it before and I think he wants to do it more now. Seeing those kinds of kids and hopefully having such an influence on them is awesome.


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